Industrial Waste Management. We buy all kinds of waste scrap.

Industrial Waste Management. We buy all kinds of waste scrap.

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Industrial Waste Management. We buy all kinds of waste scrap.

About Us



Square1 Recycling Pvt Ltd is built around the philosophy of waste management and recovering value. It is said that one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Using our expertise and capabilities, we have been capturing value from waste streams– by processing wastes to provide recycled raw materials with lower water and carbon footprints. We strategize to bring in environmental solutions that can help the communities and organizations to become sustainable. Our operations reflect how we integrate environmental sustainability into the business.



As per the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policy, all waste generators should ensure safe disposal of their waste and its traceability. The Indian companies Act mandates some companies to invest 2% of their net profit in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Many corporate have understood that spending on CSR is not just another expense but it is an investment that gives intangible returns in the form of goodwill, reputation and business competitiveness. However many companies struggle to effectively deploy capital for waste management. This is where Square1 Recycling Pvt Ltd comes in to help you achieve your legal obligation to comply with your 'Duty to Care' requirements as a waste producer and assist you with your company's green credentials.


Circular Economy

We are also focusing on a new approach of a circular economy where we buyback products made from recycled waste and assist customers in cost reductions. We are willing to work with companies to recycle as much waste as possible and achieve Millennium Development Goals by being an implementation partner for corporate CSR objectives of environmental sustainability, gender equality, women empowerment, and employment enhancing.



All the waste a company generates has some kind of cost associated with it and the absence of an appropriate waste management practice may cost the company heavily. This cost might be as high as 20 times the cost of disposal. Preserving the environment for future generations by creating appropriate business models is known as sustainability. Smart sustainable strategies create strong businesses and also brings financial benefits by giving cost reduction opportunities, new revenue possibilities, and improving brand image. We help you to achieve your long term goal of creating a zero-waste business


Best Recylers

In India, the best and the toughest recycling job is done by the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) group. The BOP group includes rag or waste pickers who are at the lowest rank in the hierarchy of urban occupations. They play an important role in collecting and sorting all that waste that is generated in minimal quantities and in unusual locations. We are committed to recognizing these waste pickers by giving them a fair return for their hard job of collecting waste from the most difficult streams.

Our Mission

Zero Landfills

Reduce Emissions

Save Resources - Trees, Water & Energy

Optimum Waste Utilization

  • Why Us ?

  •  Advantages to Waste Producers

    • We offer top price thereby creating wealth from your waste

    • Our single stream recycling program accepts all recyclables in a single bin- making easy for you

    • Customized waste management plan irrespective of your company size

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      We provide certificate of waste diversion and CO2 mitigation- brand building and fulfilling CSR

    • Advisory services to develop a holistic approach towards 3Rs - reduce, reuse, recycle

  • Advantages to Waste Recyclers

    • Low cost raw material as we pickup waste directly from its sources

    • High yield or recovery as we supply sorted waste which results in better returns

    • Economies of scale as we ensure bulk quantity consistently

    • Check

      Pre-processed shredded or baled waste available- ready to feed and hassle free

    • Advisory services on how to improve processes, reduce costs, and introducing new technologies